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Course Information
Trainer Cristina Olivera
Course Hours 6 ( 3 hours per day)
Course Fee 500$ ( Payment options Available)
Prerequisite Must be licensed Esthetician/Waxer
Certificate Students will receive a Certificate upon completion.

Are you earning enough as an esthetician ? If not this course is for you.

If you want to make a lot of money by being an epilator you need to invest in knowledge in ways different from what everyone already does. Investing in learning new hair removal techniques is essential! This will attract distinct audiences to your business and make you a specialist in the field, adding more value to your service.Each person has a skin type, hair. Some are sensitive to heat, others to cold. Each region of the body has a sensitivity. All of this needs to be taken into consideration and there are techniques for every occasion, every region, every skin.In general, you will find tips for doing well in this profession, you will know the main techniques of hair removal to follow. This comprehensive workshop includes everything you need to know for efficient waxing from head to toe with hands on experience and achieve optimum results for a perfect Brazilian Bikini Wax experience.

Advanced waxing techniques

Painless waxing techniques
Speed wax techniques
Proper body positioning
Brazilian (Men and women)
How to maximize client comfort
Best Practises for  speed the technique
Directions of hair growth patterns in the intimate area
Business/ Marketing
How to earn 300$ – 500$ per day.
How to Bring more clients
How to stay competitive with industry standards, Grow business
Building business and  Customer relation to grow business
What is included in Training 
Training Materials
Wax consultation form
Certificates: Upon completion you will be given a Class Certificate.

Meet the trainer

** Payment Plans are available for students for more details please contact info@elasticwaxcenter.com**

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“Extremely satisfied with Christina! I’m so BIG on hygiene and I must say I was impressed with the cleanliness. It was my first time back in the end of June and WOW!!! Throughout the whole process Christina kept me talking. I was comfortable for a first timer. I will be seeing her again soon! This will be the only place that will be waxing my lady parts. I am long overdue for a visit. Def recommend this place!”


“Christina is my favorite person in the world. Period. I’m never ever going anywhere else, same with all of my friends who’ve recommended this place to me. I’ve never had a more pleasant waxing experience and a less painful one at that. Christina talks to you the whole time which keeps you occupied away from the pain. She’s soooo funny and remembers her customers and is honestly kind of inspirational. It’s a little bit of a therapy session when I go there to be honest.”

Nancy K