Elastic Love

Here’s How it Works

Elastic Wax Center will be donating 7% of all sales into a ElasticLove.org account. The money in this account will be used to assist elderly people in Brazilian nursing homes who are not able to care for themselves.

Our goal is to donate 16 brand new automatic beds which will not only assist the person who truly needs help doing things that most of us take for granted, but it will also help the selfless caregivers who dedicate their lives to caring for the sick and elderly. The most influential thing you can provide for an elderly or sick person is an improvement in quality of life. This is what #ElasticLove through you, our clients, will be doing!

Transparency is our main goal: We will constantly be posting updates about the success of the campaign to interested clients. We plan to publicize everything from the cost of each bed to each and every donation we receive and where it’s going. We even want to invite interested clients out to Brazil to personally see the good they are doing for a people who truly need it. This is exactly where the beds will be sent and installed:


Rua Bernardo Cisneiro 682

Bairro Aparecida, Belo Horizonte- Minas Gerais- Brasil CEP 31.235-110

Phone (31)2552-1514


This is just the first campaign of many. Elastic Love is not only focused on supplying elderly people with high tech new beds, we eventually want to make world changing improvements one step at a time. Our clients will have input into our next campaign to further encourage your support.

Why not improve your life as well as the life of someone else in need? When you choose to get waxed at Elastic Wax Center you not only improve yourself but the entire world.

We will also be offering new packages for all of you waxers on a schedule (the best way to get waxed!) And of course, 7% will still be donated to our #ElasticLove Campaign. Here’s how they will be laid out:

12 Brazilian Wax sessions for $480 (valid for one year) which comes out to $40 per session as opposed to $45 per session while still helping people in need! Not only do you save money, but you help
someone in desperate need as well.