How is the Elastic Wax applied?

The process starts by cleansing the area, applying the talc free powder to protect the skin, then the Esthetician will use a disposable spatula to apply the Elastic Wax. Every spatula is disposable, never double dipped.

How exactly is Elastic Wax less painful?

The Elastic Wax is applied creating a warm and relaxing sensation on the skin. It opens the pores, facilitating the removal of the hair from the root.

What’s the difference between soft wax and hard wax?

The process of melting the Elastic Wax is done in a lower temperature, the soft wax is melted in a higher temperature. Elastic Wax is the preferred type, because of how gently it works on the skin. On the other hand soft wax is pulled upwards from the skin. This can lead to bruising since it is a rough technique of hair removal.

Can waxing make my skin flaccid?

No, Elastic Wax does not affect the collagen fiber of the body, which is what keeps the skin firm and tight.

Can I have another waxing session in 3 weeks?

Definitely, it depends on how fast your hair grows back. Don’t worry, we offer an Unlimited Brazilian Wax Yearly Deal to help you SAVE.

Should waxing always be done by a professional Esthetician?

Yes, a professional Esthetician is trained for your safety and to deliver the service in the best way possible. It is recommended that every wax session be done by a licensed Esthetician for better results and satisfaction of the client.

Does hard wax cause spider veins?

No, while the Elastic Wax is a hard wax that when used has a superficial effect. But, the veins are located further below the hypodermis, where the effects of the hard wax do not reach.

How long should the hair be in order to be successfully removed?

The hair should be about 1/4 inch long. In order for the wax to get a good grip of the hair and remove it fully from the root.

Should I wax while on my menstrual period?

Yes, you may wax during your period. If you experience higher sensitivity during this time of the month, you might want to wait a few days. The skin can feel more sensitive due to the higher hormone levels. Don’t forget to always wear a tampon when having a waxing session done during this time of the month.

Why is waxing at Elastic Wax Center LLC the best choice for hair removal?

All our Estheticians are licensed and trained to perform all the waxing services we offer. Our products are thoughtfully chosen with care. We use Burt’s and Bee’s Hypo-allergenic natural talc free dusting powder. For cleansing we use hydrogen peroxide. And 100% natural tea tree oil as an antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory agent, to help keep the pores and skin clean until they are completely closed. Last but not least our natural and organic Elastic Wax provides a much less painful waxing experience.

Why does Elastic Wax Center LLC use Tea Tree oil?

Tea tree oil comes from the evergreen leaves of the Australian Melaleuca Alternifolia Tree. Tea tree oil has been used to reduce the swelling and redness associated with ingrown hair. Due to its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory activity it is highly recommended for treatments on abrasions, cuts, wounds, blisters, burns, mosquito bites, canker sores, dermatitis, dry skin, hives, infected wounds also killing bacteria and fungi. The oil used on our clients is 100% natural and organic.

Are pregnant women allowed to have waxing services?

Hard Wax is completely safe for you and your baby, however you may feel a little more sensitive since there is a higher volume of blood flow and hormones running through your body. It’s a good idea to have a waxing session prior to your due date. Since the doctors and nurses in the hospital will end up shaving if there is any hair, in order to protect the area from infection in case there is a cut or a possible c-section.

Will waxing make my hair thinner and weaker?

Yes, waxing makes the hair thinner and weaker. Waxing hair in a specific area constantly will make it disappear over time.

What should I avoid after I wax?

No sun or tanning beds for 12 hours following any waxing treatment.
No hot baths or hot tubs for 24hrs following any body waxing treatment.
No abrasive scrubs for 24hrs following a waxing treatment.
If irritation should occur, it is recommended you use tea tree oil for antibacterial purposes and soothing of the waxed area.

Can I have sex on the same day I get a waxing service?

After waxing it is recommended to wait a 24hr period before any sexual activity. The hard wax opens the pores leaving an open door for bacteria to enter the skin, any friction to the waxed area or contact with another person’s skin, sweat or body fluid may cause irritation, ingrown hair and infection.

Can I practice hot yoga and friction ?

Heat, intense exercise, friction to the skin from clothes or another person’s skin or sweat, can cause burning, irritation and ingrown hair. It is best to wait at least 24hrs before returning to hot yoga or any intense exercises

Can I apply tanning lotion after waxing?

The pores of the skin will take about 2-3 days to fully close after waxing, it is best not to apply any tanning lotion to the area, since chemicals can irritate the skin, cause skin discoloration, irritation and ingrown hair.

Before my waxing session should I inform my Esthetician of any medical conditions, medications or skin products I make use of?

Yes, some medical conditions, medications or skin products can cause a reaction to the skin. If that is the case you should avoid waxing until you no longer make use of the medication or product. In case a medical condition intervenes in your waxing session you should consult your doctor. If you use Accutane, Retin-A or Renova you should wait a period of 12 months to wax.

Does Elastic Wax Center LLC take walk-in clients?

Yes, we accept walk-in clients. In order to prevent a long wait, however, we recommend you make an appointment with us.

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