Elastic Wax Center at Howard Stern Show Studios: “You’re helping to heal America with this”

by admin | November 23, 2016 | Uncategorized | 1 Comments

In the most anticipated moment of the post-election season, Brent Hatley paid up in full on his bet with Memet Walker by way of getting his pubes waxed off by Christina from The Elastic Wax Center on last Monday morning.
Months prior, the two Stern Show staffers made a fateful bet that saw Brent vow to get his cock-and-ball hair ripped out if Donald Trump won more than 10 states in the election, whereas Memet would have had to shave his head if the now president-elect won less than 10 states. The Republican presidential nominee, of course, went on to win 290 electoral votes and more than 10 states, forcing Hatley to agree to a full waxing.