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    • Women's Face

    • Upper Lip and Apex of the Nose


      The wax reaches down to the upper lip line covering above the entire area.

    • Lower Lip


      The lower lip area is located between the chin and the lower lip line.

    • Chin


      The chin area is formed by the lower front of the mandible, located below the lower lip.

    • Neck


      The neck starts at the end of the jaw line and reaches down to the beginning of the collar bone.

    • Neck Strip


      Starts at the bottom of the chin, and reaches down to the sternum. The width of the strip is about 3”.

    • Nape


      The nape begins at the hair line on the back of the neck, and ends at the collar bone where the back begins.

    • Sideburns


      The wax is applied beginning next to the ears, and reaching down to the jaw line.

    • Temples


      The temples are located at the right and left side of the head behind the eyes.

    • Cheeks


      Either side of the face below the eyes and above the jaw.

    • Nose


      The wax covers the outer area of the nose.

    • Nostrils


      The wax covers only the two external openings of the nasal cavity.

    • Ears


      The wax grabs all of the hemisphere inside of the ear that is safe to be removed. The next step the esthetician applies the wax from the Helix to the Ear lobe.

    • Forehead


      The forehead begins at the hair line, and ends at the tip of both eyebrows.

    • Jaw Line


      The Jaw starts at the end of each ear, left and right, and reaches down to the beginning of the chin.

    • Full Face

    • Eyebrows


      Some say the face is the map of the personality. The eyebrow waxing service is done by applying the wax on the area around the eyebrow. Creating a shape, cleaning and leaving a fresh look.

    • Eyebrows (between)


      This service targets the area located between the eyebrows, at the top of the nose.