Natural products and new techniques: Try Elastic!

by admin | July 26, 2016 | Skin Care | 1 Comments

The skin is a precious organ and requires maximum attention when you wait a body hair removal. To avoid allergic reactions and uncomfortable sensations – especially the so-called “Brazilian wax” for women and in the areas of ears and noses male – it is important to understand how the waxing works and how you can find methods of application and antiallergic materials.

The Elastic Wax Center uses products that reduce the risk of allergic reactions caused by chemicals commonly used in traditional waxes. A good example is imported wax from Brazil, made with natural material, Burt’s Bees powder that is made of special flower extract for delicate skins and Tea Tree Oil, produced in Australia, with anti-allergic and cooling capacity. In addition to the creative and depilation techniques that alleviate pain, The Elastic offers customers the sale of complementary products for comfort and beauty of the skin.

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