Inner Thigh - Youthful Elixir

Ultimate hydrojelly mask suitable for all skin types

Men - HydroJelly Mask Inner thigh hydrojelly mask

For inner thigh. This is the ultimate hydrojelly mask suitable for all skin types. Youthful elixir contains a luxurious combination of gold + truffles which is surely enough to bring out your inner Cleopatra Gold gives skin that instant brightening effect that makes skin glow while tightening and firming to erase fine lines instantly. Gold is also an antioxidant which helps protect skin from environmentalists free radicals and has anti-inflammatory properties reducing skin redness from acne or rosacea.⠀Truffles aka magic mushrooms, are a super enzyme that prevents fine lines and wrinkles, and helps repair damaged skin to maintain the skins youthfulness. They also contain Vitamin C which helps brighten skin and reduce hyperpigmentation.

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30 Minutes $40.00

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